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I am looking for...

...an articulate cynic with an WGAF[1]/DILLIGAF[2] disposition to masquerade as 'Bureaucrat, Interface administrator, Suppressor and Editor' for this here WIKI.

The candidate must have all of the following last century qualities:

  1. Male[3] or Female[4] as these are the only true options in life. Identifying as anything else is a disease of the mind.
  2. Jaded and failed at your chosen career because you stood in the way of yourself, yet realise it now all too late.
  3. A thick hide; as a thin skinned Woke Warrior[5] has no place in a sensible world sucking good air from the planet.
  4. Undulating paragraphs with colourful diction and superlatives that will straighten your pubes. So what if you get cancelled - WTF does that really do anyway?
  5. Zombie Mask[6] & Arabian Goggles[7]. emoticon-confused

If this is you, please make your application here

The successful candidate will be given the opportunity to upload his/her favourite avatar and a cheap imported bottle of substandard olive oil (Lampante[8]) .

Who keeps putting vegetables in my beer crisper? emoticon-angry Doktor (talk) 04:43, 16 March 2023 (AEDT)

  1. Who Gives a FrontBum
  2. Do I Look Like I give a FrontBum
  3. An human being born with a penis.
  4. An human being born without a penis.
  5. Imbitron, or a millennial believing they were still young, -often discovered with semen located upon the back of the neck, championing the causes of veganism, anti-racism, socialism or environmentalism. Identifies as a social justice warrior for the inclusion of 'Snow droppers' in the catalogue of Alphabet misfits. Their support for their cause is most often expressed as virtue-signalling on social media, with little actual support for their crusade. Supported robustly in their Farcebook group, yet live in fear of actually meeting each other in public... or any other human for that matter.
  6. The Zombie Mask promises to lift, gently exfoliate, improve skin texture and tone. A traditional method prior to 'Botox'. Whilst unloading your tossed salad on another's face, it may result in a zombie like timbre from the recipient with raised arms. They now reel about zombie fashion in search of a smeg rag.
  7. When a bloke rests his sconnies on another's eyes whilst they're having a rest. Girl 1: So you met him at the beach? Does he like you?? Girl 2: Like me? I think he loves me! He lent me his Arabian goggles when the wind kicked up! Girl 1: What a gentleman!
  8. Extracted by mechanical methods; suitable for lighting, but not suitable for human consumption without further refining [source]